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How Whey Protein Helps in Your Weight Loss Program

Research into using whey protein for weight loss indicates that protein influences the feeling of fullness. This reduces the temptation to snack in between meals.

Whey is a by-product obtained during the cheese making process. It is a liquid containing protein, lactose, minerals, and a small amount of fat.

Before processing, whey has a relatively low protein content. But by efficient filtering most of the lactose and fat are removed. The next stage is to spray-dry the filtered whey, which yields a powder rich in protein. The powdered protein is a convenient way to use whey protein for weight loss.

There are three main types of whey supplements available:
  • Whey Concentrate
  • Whey Isolate
  • Whey Hydrolyze
Each type undergoes a different processing procedure. And the more complicated the processing, the more expensive the powder.

The concentrate is the cheapest type with the lowest percentage of protein content, but with the highest amounts of fat and lactose.

By using better quality filtration more fat and lactose can be removed from the liquid whey, resulting in a powder with a higher protein content. This better quality protein powder is known as whey isolate. The isolate is more expensive.

But blends of concentrate and isolate powders are available, which have an improved protein content compared with the cheaper whey concentrate. These blends are cheaper than the pure whey isolate powder, but have a lower protein content.

The hydrolyze, which is a pre-digested form of whey protein, is the most expensive because it needs more processing.

Hormones and Hunger Signals

Hunger and the amount you are able to eat before feeling full are controlled by hormones, psychological factors and physiological needs. Secretion of the hormone cholecystokinin in the intestine is stimulated, when partly digested fat or protein enters the part of the small intestine closest to the stomach. This hormone stimulates receptors distributed throughout the central nervous system, resulting in a feeling of fullness. Because of its high protein content, a whey supplement is able to delay the desire for food through the actions of cholecystokinin on the nervous system. This stops the craving for snacks and drinks rich in sugar, but lacking in nutrients, which sabotages any attempts to lose weight.

Whey Protein and Insulin

Experiments show that not only do animals fed on whey protein lose weight because of its appetite satisfying qualities, but their insulin sensitivity increases, producing healthy blood sugar levels.

Whey Protein and Exercise

Effective weight loss programs combine dieting and exercise. To some, the thought of exercising may seem daunting. But even simple tasks such as walking the dog, or digging the garden, all burn calories.

The more strenuous activities such running, cycling and weight training, benefit even more from the use of whey protein, because of its muscle-building properties. Supplementing a balanced diet with whey powder, combined with an appropriate exercise program, creates a lean body with a healthy muscular development.

Before starting a vigorous exercise program, please consult your doctor.

Can Whey Protein Put You in a Better Mood?

There is evidence that whey protein may help you become less anxious and stressed by raising your level of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter. By helping you to feel in a better mood and more relaxed, it removes the urge to comfort-eat. This is another benefit of using whey protein for weight loss. With comfort-eating the more you eat, the more weight you gain, and the more depressed you get; so the urge to comfort-eat is reinforced.

If You are Lactose Intolerant or Allergic to Dairy Products
If you are lactose intolerant or have experienced an allergic reaction after eating a dairy product, please consult your doctor before using a whey supplement.

Whey Protein Powder Makes an Excellent Weight Loss Supplement

And finally to summarize the above information, which indicates the suitability of using whey protein for weight loss.

Because of its high protein, low-fat and sugar content, and its ability to induce the feeling of fullness, a whey protein supplement can help you lose weight. It needs to be used with a balanced diet, plus a reasonable amount of exercise. Exercise burns calories and builds muscle. Muscle building is enhanced by a protein supplement, and as muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, it promotes further weight loss.

Derek Fletcher is a writer who specializes in weight loss programs. You can see his latest website at Whey Protein and Weight Loss, where he provides information on how whey protein powder is manufactured, and how it helps you lose weight.

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